Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Atheism: Caught in the Crossfire

I think it was an overcast day in late December of last year when I had really begun to question my Religiosity (which to be fairly honest, I never was Religious or really believed there is, was or is going to be another God). When I had finally let reason take the reins, the time when I had no longer needed to be suppressed by Religions “proposed reality”, I found myself able to feel more sensibly in tune with the Universe, not in a spiritualistic way mind you, but one where I could see things for true value, purpose and gain .

 What does he mean by “proposed reality” you may be asking… well in my often egocentric mind, I envision myself as a humble philosopher or indeed someone of a pseudo-scientific way of thinking – I know many things about and relating to science and enjoy learning new things to fascinate my mind, but I am no physicist, engineer or chemist. Anyway, back to what proposed reality is and why Religion is the best example of this:
 Religion claims certainty to a high degree, or at least its adherents in expensive garments and own mansions like to claim. It proposes (actually it doesn’t propose, it states it is already what is known to be true and correct without needing proposal or acceptance through evidence) that this life is sacred, but some vessel until you are whole again in some afterlife, and apparently God can control and dictate whatever he and his adherents claim he wants to whomever he and his adherents think should apply.

 The reason why I call it a proposed reality is because of the simple fact that it has completely no idea of how it can be true or right and that it has been benefitting off of the work of Science, and then saying science is the work of some devil because it disproves God and God’s work! It can’t fit or interlock with other ideologies or explanations, like science, and seldom claims to support some things science has to offer. A proposed reality is like an idea or thought process in which on a level of “experience” something is believed to be true and real and not some facsimile. This often means disregarding proposed realities which need not be proposed, only supported with evidence (like the world we live in now). To imagine what I mean or picture what my thoughts represent – it would be like putting some magical x-ray glasses on and perceiving the world as if it was created by some God. The only way this mindset can be achieved can be a result of the following:
1)      Indoctrination at an early age. Children are extremely susceptible to influence and indoctrination from beliefs of their parents and relatives and they discover rather quickly their mortality and are scared of it.

2)      Fear of Mortality and Death. The constant reminder of how our life is so fragile and quaint is something which we all think about. Although this might be a contributing factor to those who choose a religion or faith, it is also a factor which those of non-belief choose to hold as a reason to be active and live life to its maximum potential.

3)      The need for guidance if not already aware, or the lack of a father-figure or guardian from a young age. Many of our moral lessons come from human experience and are passed on from parent to child through small lessons. I have observed that those who adhere to religious beliefs often do so under some hope they will be helped or guided, even protected for believing in some God. Sigmund Freud relates to God as being “dad” – the father which watches over everyone…

4)      Poor Childhood development, poverty. I guess this could come under the last point, though I believe it should be mentioned properly here. When we are alone, we often have only a few friends to count on, family members and even family pets. We are both capable of projecting our emotions – love, sadness and hate upon others and receiving it. From a certain reclusive stance, the idea of God, the idea of an afterlife and seeing your dead friends and relatives is something which comforts and reasserts people of their lives. The projection, or the idea of love is something woven through religion from humans, but can be seen by the weak, the uneducated, as a beacon of light and warmth and knowledge. When religious people have nothing or near to nothing they will pray to their God for shelter, food and love which is why it is often, to the sceptic and the materialist, considered dangerous or laziness…

Some questions to the religious:

1)      Where does God reside, where is the location of heaven and how could you know where it is apart from a Holy text?

2)      How does one communicate with God? I would have thought God would have kept up with the development of humans and their technologies – they had holy texts, but why not have holy text messages? More and more we are coming to the conclusion or idea that it is something like the Force from George Lucas’s Star Wars: Yoda: “It surrounds us, binds us, it penetrates us…” If God wanted followers or worshipers, why be so mysterious and impossible to contact.

3)      If God makes contact, how do we know it is really God and not someone just speaking gibberish? Evidenced throughout history, Emperor’s, Popes, Kings and Queens seemingly have heard from God and have been told the following:
God: “You can control all of the people; you can also kill anyone you want, even babies. You can tell your subjects from me that they are to give you all their riches and sacrifices to you…”
Nowadays, this won’t work it seems, rational thinking has won out, and we do away with stupid sacrifices and gold thrones (crap, I forgot about the Pope, Herr Ratzinger…damn. Well we have fewer thrones!)


Now after my renouncement and denouncement of these foolish religions, I have been caught in the crossfire; I now feel alienated and despised by my religious acquaintances and this sometimes angers me, not just because they feel they are somehow morally superior because it says so in their Bibles and Quran’s, but because they become nasty and subjective and avoid my normal conversations on social media like Facebook.

I have a feeling only the future can tell what will become of Religion, for now I will settle for joining and discussing groups who fight against faiths and religions…

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