Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Some Secrets

My youngest brother, Tyler, was watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the 4,560th time and it got me thinking on a few points. I haven’t read the book for at least six years now and have since forgotten many things which transpired in the books compared to its film counterpart. Anyhow, here are some things I never really questioned all these years later since its release in 2002!

When Harry and Hermione enter Flourish and Blotts bookshop, after Harry’s escapades in Knockturn Alley, Mrs Weasley dotes “Goodness, we hoped you’d only gone one grate too far” it got me wondering: were they ever going to look for Harry, did they realize or think he might have been in China or somewhere dark and creepy? Did they think shopping was more important? Nevermind Harry’s disappearance, everyone quickly forgets (almost as if shrugging it off).
This little quibble that not one of the Weasley’s was at the very least searching for Harry is distracting, but nevertheless I shall move on to my next point and question:

- Later in the movie, and the plot we are now inside the Chamber of Secrets – a location which was previously unknown by everyone including Dumbledore. Harry says Dumbledore will never be gone from the school as long as there are those who remain loyal to him. Suddenly Fawkes the phoenix flies in from some unseen part of the chamber with the Sorting Hat.
If the location of the Chamber was unknown to EVERYONE (including Dumbledore who had sent Fawkes in the first place) how did Fawkes know where to find Harry?; Did Fawkes have to open the Chamber somehow? Can Fawkes talk Parseltongue? Unlikely; Did he just appear in the Chamber? Oh, but later we see them flying out of the chamber through a massive opening in the mountains on which the school is perched… When Mcgonagal says they conducted many searches throughout the years, did they just look in a few classrooms and go: Nope, not here!
Maybe Dumbledore wanted Harry to go through the hardship and life threatening battles with Voldemort and a giant Basilisk? Is Dumbledore a troll or Scumbag Steve?

I guess that’s all I’ve found contradictory so far with the film. Can anyone answer these?

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